They see me rollin….

I have always been into cars.  It was a monster my dad created at a young age.  I like classic cars, lifted trucks, sports cars, and just about anything else with a motor and wheels.  Unfortunately, this is a huge area for concern from an insurance standpoint and absolutely kills me when someone calls with this potential claim nightmare.  The problem arises because insurance companies never intended to cover modifications.  They figure everyone keeps their vehicle similar to the day it came off the lot, and we simply know that isn’t true.  Lifts, wheels, tires, tinting, bumpers, and virtually any other modification done to your vehicle requires you to insure them IN ADDITION to your regular policy.  Most insurance companies provide some coverage (usually $1000) but it is very rarely enough.  If you have any modifications done to your ride, please give us a call and lets make sure you have coverage in place to protect your investment!