Replace the snow SHOVEL and give your BACK A BREAK!

 Did you know?  That the majority of people are still using snow shovels for snow removal. Great news that there is an easier and faster way of removing snow. However it is important to take the proper safety precautions to avoid unnecessary injury while getting rid of the snow.

SAFETY matters first!!

  • Dress properly not only to keep you warm, but to keep you safe. Avoid long scarves and loose clothing that could become sucked into blower. Wearing boots will help give you the traction you need walking behind the snow blower. By wearing good insulated gloves with grip will give you the grip you are needing to hold the blower with keeping your hands warm.

Helpful TIPS and TRICKS to staying safe while clearing up snow!

  1. Make sure to thoroughly read the operator’s manual before operating.
  2. Watch out for hidden items that you would not want to hit or run over.
  3. Before you start be sure that your surroundings are clear of others and especially children.


  1. Have assurance of where you are aiming and shooting.
  2. Do not blow snow towards people, homes and cars.
  3. You do not want to override automatic shutoff features.
  4. Operate the blower at a steady speed no faster then a walk.
  5. Do not reach into blower with hands, even when machine is shut off.

Operating a SNOW PLOW 

  1. When beginning a pass, always start moving and then drop the blade.
  2. Begin to stop as you approach the end of your pass.
  3. Raise the plow blade before moving into positions to make another pass.
  4. Always turn around when driving backwards.

Happy Plowing! Be safe out there

Written by: Maddie Johnson