Home, Auto and Umbrella

Here at Ferranti- Graybeal we are here to give you all the information you need from notable facts, questions and benefits for your home, auto and umbrella insurance policies.


Home Insurance


Notable fact:      You may think that your homeowner’s insurance policy covers all your potential risks, but this isn’t the case. Most of these policies have exclusions for damage caused by floods, wind damage, mold, wear and tear, and more. Catastrophic weather events aren’t covered by these policies either, and these storms lead to hundreds of billions in damage every year.

Questions:          Do you know what’s covered by your homeowner’s policy? Are you confident that your policy’s limits are high enough to cover all your risks? Are you certain that you have enough coverage for any extra features of your home, such as a home office or landscaping? Does your current broker help you stay up to date on new home insurance policies and discounts?

Benefit:               We offer expert resources that you can use to protect your home and investments. Our team can guide you through several complex topics related to your home, including protecting your home equity, making renovations, understanding flood insurance changes and preparing for an emergency. We’ll work with you to protect the thing that matters most, the safety of your home and family.


Auto Insurance


Notable fact:      The auto insurance market is currently hardening after many years of a soft market, which has resulted in higher prices for personal auto policies. Between 2011 and 2017, competition between insurance carriers created a soft, buyer-friendly market. Since then, several factors have caused carriers to exit the auto market or increase their prices to make a profit.

Questions:          Are you and your family safe drivers, and do you drive vehicles with good safety ratings? Have you considered alternative insurance options to save, such as usage-based policies and low-mileage discounts? Do you check insurance prices when you’re buying a new car?

Benefit:               Our team can offer you several resources to stay safe on the road and save on auto insurance. We know that auto insurance is there to protect you and your family in a worst-case scenario, so we’re dedicated to preventing accidents by providing you with safe vehicle shopping tips, defensive driving techniques and vehicle security. And, when it’s time to renew your coverage, we can help you shop for affordable policies and offer options to help you save.


Umbrella Policies


Notable fact:      If you or a family member is held legally responsible for an injury or financial loss, your regular insurance policies may not be enough to cover the damages. Instead of raising the limits on all your policies and paying higher premiums, you can use an umbrella policy to cover all your personal liabilities at once.

Questions:          Does anyone in your family partake in high-risk hobbies? Does your home have features that could potentially endanger visitors, such as a pool or large pet? Do you have teenage drivers listed on your auto insurance policy? Do you entertain guests frequently?

Benefit:               Our team can help you determine exactly how much umbrella liability coverage you need. We can provide you with resources to learn about excess policies and work with you to determine any unique risk exposures that could increase your liability.