Oregon Farm Insurance- Dwelling Coverage

Questions About Oregon Farm Insurance?

Farm Insurance can be pretty involved and there are a lot of moving pieces and parts to consider.  In this blog series, Farm Insurance Explained, we are going to look at all of the different options for coverage and how you can choose the right one for you…

There are seven different Farm Property Coverage Forms.  First form is, Coverage A for a Dwelling. 

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What does Oregon Dwelling Farm Insurance Cover? 

Coverage A for Dwelling covers direct physical loss to the property. Coverage A covers each dwelling, any structures attached to the dwelling, and any materials onsite (at the location that’s insured) that are intended to use to alter, repair, or build upon any of the covered dwellings or their attachments. Also, any building or outdoor equipment that’s used for service of the covered property that’s not covered by other insurance, would be covered under Coverage A- Dwelling. 

Another part of Coverage A includes coverage for outdoor TV antennas, outdoor radio, and/or satellite dishes.  Coverage A covers these items up to $250 unless otherwise noted in the policy. 

The second Oregon Farm Insurance form is called Coverage B- Other Private Structures Appurtenant to the Dwelling. 

This means, to qualify, the structure has to be separated from the dwelling with a clear space defining it.  If you are  using a structure as a private garage, this coverage will supply and additional amount of insurance equal to 10% of Coverage A amount you have listed in the policy for Dwelling.

The Special Limit of Insurance for antennas and satellite dishes applies to Coverage B as well ($250). 

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Check back for Part II, tomorrow- we will dig into Coverage C- Household Property, and Coverage D- Loss of Use.