Oregon Farm Insurance Scheduled and Unscheduled Property

Oregon Farm Insurance- Coverage E (Scheduled Property) & Coverage F (Unscheduled Property)

Farm Insurance can seem overwhelming because of all the different coverage available. Our goal at Ferranti-Graybeal is to educate you, the consumer, so that when you  purchase coverage, it’s less daunting! Below is an outline of two of the different types of coverage available under Farm Insurance. 

What does Oregon Farm Insurance Coverage E- Scheduled Property mean and what does it cover? 

Scheduled Property is property that is listed in the Declarations Page of your policy. Declaration page is the page that lists who is insured, what is insured, the provided coverages, and their associated premiums. 

Examples of some things that could be considered for scheduled property coverage are: 

Completed crops (not growing ones), grain in a silo, threshed seeds, beans, hay, straw, ground feed, poultry, livestock, bees, fish, worms, and other animals, machinery, vehicles, and equipment used for farming only. 

Covered property for Coverage E does not include: 

Growing crops, trees, shrubs, plants, or lawns; household personal property or property usual to a dwelling; any permanent fixtures within or attached to a building; or outdoor radio or TV equipment, wiring, and private power and light poles.

What does Oregon Farm Insurance Coverage F- Unscheduled Property mean and what does it cover?

Coverage F- Unscheduled Property covers property (personal) on a blanket basis, that are not specifically scheduled as they are in Coverage E. If covered under Coverage F, items are covered while on or away from the insured’s premises/location. However, if the property is in the care of others, coverage is excluded. An example of this would be a seed warehouse. Property would be covered, however, during transportation by the insured or their employee. 

Some examples of items Coverage F may provide coverage for are: 

Equipment, tools, livestock, and some specified completed crops (up to limits of insurance shown on the Declaration Page). 

Livestock that are not specifically scheduled (Coverage E), may be covered here on a blanket basis subject to limits of insurance. These special limits are part of the Limit of Insurance (total limit) shown in the Declarations for livestock.  To be able to claim a loss on livestock, there must be death or destruction of livestock from a covered cause of loss. Just remember, the insurer will limit the amount of coverage under this option (F).

Some examples of items not covered by Coverage F are: 

Household or personal property; animals other than livestock (poultry, bees, fish, worms); racehorses, show horses or ponies; trees, shrubs, plants, lawns; tobacco, cotton, vegetables, root crops, potatoes, bulbs, fruit, or nursery stock; fences, windmills, or windchargers (and their towers); outdoor radio and TV equipment; and portable buildings or portable structures.

At Ferranti-Graybeal, we take pride in educating our clients so they understand their policies and coverage afforded them. Let our team of experts help you choose the best options for your individual needs! 


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