Oregon Farm Insurance- Other Structures on My Property- Are they covered?

Other Farm Structures- Coverage G Explained

Continuing our series on Farm Insurance Explained, today we provide information on Coverage G- Other Farm Structures. Ferranti-Graybeal makes it our mission to educate our clients and prospects because we understand how important your livelihood is to you. 

What does Oregon Farm Insurance Coverage G – Other Farm Structures cover?

The following are examples of what other farm structures may include for Coverage G:

Silos that are individually described; farm buildings and structures including attached sheds and permanent fixtures; portable buildings and structures; fences (not field or pasture), corrals, pens, chutes, and feed racks; outdoor radio and TV equipment, antennas, mast, and towers; building materials and supplies in building, altering, or repairing of farm buildings or structures at insured location; and if a tenant, improvements may be covered as well. 

There are Coverage Extensions to Other Farm Structures. Coverage extensions  are additional coverages that apply only in certain circumstances.  They have reduced or separate limits of liability or require the insured to meet certain requirements before they are applicable.

Coverage Extensions for Coverage G- Other Farm Structures

1. New Construction: If there is a direct physical loss or damage to new farm structures, including supplies and materials (used in building), this coverage extends up to $100K. 

Conditions for this Extension:

A. Structures that are not otherwise covered under this or any other policy

B. Loss caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, or hail, aircraft or vehicle not driven by insured, civil commotion or riot, smoke, and vandalism. 

C. Coverage for this extension ends when one of the following happens (whichever happens first): 

1. 60 days have passed since the first date for delivery of material and supplies

2. The policy expires

  3. The insured reports the values to their insurer. 

2. Private Power and Light Poles: Insurer will pay up to $250.00 for direct physical damage or loss, including outside wiring and attachments. Attahcments include attached switch boxes, fuse boxes, and other electrical equipment mounted on poles owned by the insured at the insured location.  

Property Not Covered Under Oregon Farm Insurance Coverage G- Other Farm Structures

Land, including land on which the structure is located; water; field or pasture fences; foundations (if below ground); pilings, piers, docks, or wharves; and expense due to excavation, filing, grading, filling, or backfilling. 

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