Commercial Auto Oregon- What kind of damage is covered?

What different types of damages is my business auto covered for in Oregon?

Comprehensive Coverage:

Comprehensive coverage in Oregon covers anything that is not specifically excluded from the policy, except a collision with another object or overturned vehicle. Also, if the insured carries coverage for glass breakage under Comprehensive they will be covered if they hit an animal, or if they experience damage due to a falling object or missile. One thing to consider- if the glass breaks due to a collision, it may be covered under Collision Coverage. 

Business Auto Coverage in Oregon – Specified Losses that are covered: 

Fire, lightning, explosion, theft, windstorm, hail, earthquake, flood, mischief, vandalism, sinking, burning, collision, or derailment of anything transporting a covered vehicle.

This coverage is not as all-inclusive as Comprehensive Coverage- it specifies the losses/damage it covers- if it is not specified, it’s not covered. 

Collision Coverage:

This type of coverage will cover the auto/vehicle if it collides with another object or is overturned. Also, if the glass breaks due to a collision, the glass may be covered under this coverage as well. 

Transportation Expense:

This is a coverage extension that states that if the insured carries Comprehensive or Specified Cause of Loss Coverage, the insurance company will pay up to $20 per day with a max limit of $600 if loss is due to theft. There is a 48 hour wait period with this extension and the insurance company stops paying this extension if the vehicle is recovered/returned, or when they pay out for the loss. 


This coverage may be added by increasing premium. The insurance company will pay up to the limit of insurance shown in the agreement for labor costs and towing every time a covered vehicle becomes disabled. So, this coverage is per occurrence. However, the one condition is that labor must be performed at the location where the vehicle becomes disabled, otherwise, it’s not covered. 

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