What’s not covered in my Business Auto Policy in Oregon?

What is not covered in my auto policy in Oregon? 

Our goal at Ferranti-Graybeal is to educate our clients and future clients on the ins and outs of insurance. This blog discusses what is not covered in a business auto policy in Oregon. 

For Oregon Business Auto Insurance, the following instances are excluded from coverage: 

  1. Nuclear Hazard: The explosion of any weapon employing atomic fission or fusion; or nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, caused by anything.
  2. Military/War Action: War- whether it’s declared or not, civil war, 
  3. Loss that was not Accidental: Freezing, electrical or mechanical breakdown, wear and tear. Any kind of blowout, puncture, or damage to tires. 
  4. Equipment that receives sound (Inc accessories): Visual, audio, data electronic devices designed to be used with that type of equipment (tapes, discs, etc) If the equipment is permanently installed in the covered auto and operated from the auto’s electrical system, it will be covered. 
  5. Electrical Equipment: Any electronic equipment, whether permanently installed or not, that receives/transmits audio/visual/data signals that’s not designed to just reproduce sound, including accessories. The exception here is equipment that’s necessary for the normal operation of the covered auto or the monitoring of the covered auto’s operating system, etc. 
  6. Radar/Laser Detectors: Devices designed to detect equipment that measures speed, such as laser or radar detectors, or any device used to distort the speed measuring equipment.
  7. Stunt Activity/Racing/Demolition: If the auto is used in any type of professional racing contest, demolition contest, or stunt activities. Also not covered during practice or prep for any of these activities. 

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