Coverage for Car Dealerships, Gas Stations, Mechanic Shops, and Parking Garages in Oregon

How do you obtain coverage for my Oregon business (Car dealership, mechanic/auto repair shop, gas station, parking garage) that Business Auto policy does not cover? 

Car dealerships, gas/service stations, parking garages, mechanic or auto repair shops are excluded under the Business Auto Policy. That’s why OR Garage coverage is necessary for these types of businesses.

The Oregon Garage Coverage From provides the same coverage as the Business Auto Form, however, garage coverage also provides coverage for the premises and the operations of the business. At Ferranti-Graybeal it is our mission to educate our clients and consumers. We feel it’s extremely important to provide useful information regarding insurance and the policies that protect you. 

Who is considered an insured for Garage Keepers Coverage form in Oregon? 

Please review the following to better understand who is considered insured under this type of policy

A. The insured for any covered auto

B. Anyone who has from the main insured to use an auto that is covered by insurance. 


  1. The owner of a covered auto that the insured borrows or hires. UNLESS, it’s a trailer hitched to a covered auto- in that case, the trailer is covered. 
  2. The insured’s employee if the auto is owned by the employee or any members of their household
  3. Someone using a covered auto for the purposes of selling, servicing, repairing, parking, or storing autos unless that business is the insured’s garage operations.
  4. The insured’s customers if the business is shown in the agreement as an auto dealership. However, this exclusion does NOT apply if the customer doesn’t have any other insurance (in which case they are considered to be an insured up the limits as stated by law) OR if the customer has other available insurance, but less than financial responsibility law requires, they’re considered an insured (only for difference between amount avail and required amount by law.

C. Anyone liable for the behavior of an insured- only to the extent of that liability

For Oregon Garage Operations Coverage the insureds are: the insured and the insured’s members (if LLC), employees, directors, partners (if partnership), shareholders, but only while actin within the realm of these duties.  

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