Insuring my Motel, Self-Storage, and Convenience Store/Gas Station in Oregon

What are the conditions my motel, self-storage, or convenience store/gas station must have to be eligible for a Business Owner’s Policy in Oregon?

Motels in Oregon: 

Structurally, the motel must be three stories or less.  The motel cannot include a bar or a lounge, however, limited fast food restaurants or limited cooking restaurants are acceptable as long as they are not seasonal in operation (must be opened year-round). Floor area space is not limited.  

Self-Storage Facilities in Oregon:

Self-Storage facilities must have two stories or less to be eligible for a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), however, floor area space has no limitations on the size.  Excluded, or not allowed are cold storage, or storage of the following: chemicals, pollutants, waste, and industrial materials. 

Certain Convenience Stores/Gas Stations in Oregon: 

Gasoline sales cannot exceed 75% of the annual gross sales or the business is ineligible. Also, the business cannot include an auto-service repair, on-premise restaurant, car wash, or kerosene/propane filling stations. 

Businesses that are ineligible for a Business Owner’s Policy in Oregon:

  • Auto Repair or service stations
  • Motor home, automobile, motorcycle, and mobile home dealers
  • Bars, grills, and most restaurants
  • Building that’s occupied as whole or partially by ineligible wholesale or processing risks
  • One or two family dwellings that are used for residential occupancy
  • Household personal property
  • Parking lots or garages
  • Amusement facilities such as theaters or arcades