What’s required by the state of Oregon for auto insurance?

What does the state of Oregon require for auto insurance?

The state of Oregon requires that an insured person must have the following to be considered insured to the state requirements: Part A- Liability Coverage, Part B- Medical Payments- Personal Injury Protection, and Part C- Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist coverage. Part D- Physical damage coverage is optional, although most have it also- (Part D also known as) collision coverage, or other than collision coverage.

If we look at the limit of liability, this will tell you what exactly Oregon requires. The limit of liability refers to the most an insurance company will pay for each different portion- bodily injury, property damage, etc. So, liability is provided (normally) on a split limit basis, the limits of liability are divided up into three parts: 

  1. Per Person
  2. Per Accident
  3. Per Accident for Property Damage

As an example, Person A has limit of liability coverage 100/300/100. This means up $100k per person for bodily injury can be paid out by your insurance company to injured party, up to $300k per accident for bodily injury to other party, and $100K per accident for property damage. Personal auto liability limits apply on a per occurrence basis. 

Sometimes, the limits are combined. In the example above, this would equal $400k in total coverage, with no regard to whether it’s being used for bodily injury or physical damage. 

Oregon State Requirements for Legal Liability Auto Coverage

An Oregon driver must be able to prove liability auto insurance coverage to the split limits of: 25/50/20.  Remember, this means:

  1. $25k Per Person for bodily injury
  2. $50k Per Accident total for bodily injury
  3. $20k Per Accident for Property Damage

It’s also required that all Oregon drivers carry an insurance card in their vehicle while driving. They must be able to show an officer “proof of insurance”.  

What happens if I have a DUI? What are my limits of insurance liability in Oregon? 

The limits of liability for a DUI are: 

  1. $50k Per Person for bodily injury
  2. $100k Per Accident total for bodily injury
  3. $20k Per Accident for Property Damage

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