Can the body shop use aftermarket parts if covered by auto insurance in Oregon?

What are the rules regarding aftermarket parts in Oregon?

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There are only a two ways legally that an auto body repair shop can use aftermarket parts when fixing your vehicle after an accident. The two ways/conditions aftermarket parts are acceptable are: 

  1. With consent of the owner
  2. If the part has been certified by an independent test facility to be at least the same quality as the original equipment with regard to function, finish, and corrosion resistance. 

Also, the work the auto body shop does, must be invoiced, including all the parts used and the work completed. The auto body repair shop must keep a copy of the invoice on file. Prior to this, the body and frame shop is required to give the customer (you, the insured) an estimate of work to be done in writing.  They are not allowed to work above and beyond the written estimate without the customer’s consent. 

Does the body shop have to use original equipment parts from the manufacturer in Oregon

  1. If the parts to be used in repair are supplied from the original equipment manufacturer, a warranty must be included that guarantees the customer that the parts meet or exceed standards used in manufacturing the original equipment.
  2. If the parts are not supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, then the customer is entitled to receive a statement like this included in their estimate:

* This estimate has been prepared based on the use of a motor vehicle crash part not made by the original equipment manufacturer.  The use of a motor vehicle crash part not made by the original equipment manufacturer may invalidate any remaining warranties of the original equipment manufacturer on that motor vehicle part.  The person who prepared this estimate will provide a copy of the part warranty for crash parts not made by the original equipment manufacturer for comparison purposes.*

An auto body and repair shop are not allowed to do any of the following: 

  1. Supply or install used parts, or any component system composed of new and used parts, when new parts or component systems are or were to be supplied or installed.
  2. Charge for repairs not actually performed, or add costs of repairs to any repair estimate that will not actually be performed.
  3. Refuse any insurer, or its insured, or their agents or employees, reasonable access to any repair facility for the purpose of inspecting or reinspecting the damaged vehicle during normal business hours. 

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