Day Care Coverage Endorsement for Homeowners in Oregon

Home Day Care Coverage Endorsement Oregon

Did you know that homeowners coverage forms specifically exclude coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of or in connection with a business conducted from an insured location or engaged in by an insured person. 

This endorsement extends coverage to a Registered or Certified Day Care Provider in Oregon, who operates a Home Day Care business at their premises, for compensation.  The premium for this coverage is generally based on the number of individuals cared for. 

There is a Schedule that is more of a form filled out where it states what the insurance company will cover based on the questions answered in the form and subject to the provisions in the Home Day Care endorsement. 

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Section I- Property Coverages

Normally, with just homeowners insurance, the Personal Property special limit on business personal property at the residence is limited to $2500, however, with this endorsement, that is deleted and replaced with the following: Coverage C limit of liability applies to property of the business described in the schedule. 

Also, the insurance company will pay for the Other Structure shown in the Schedule- up to the limit shown in the Schedule. 

Section II- Liability Coverages

Coverage E-Personal Liability and Coverage F-Medical Payments to Others apply to bodily injury and property damage arising out of home day care services regularly provided by an insured and for which an insured receives money or other compensation.

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