Auto Dealers Insurance

Oregon Auto Dealers Insurance

The most common “form” used to provide Oregon Auto Dealers Insurance is the Garage Coverage Form. This form also provides protection for Auto Repair Shops, Parking Garages, Gas/Service Stations. It is very similar to a Commercial Auto Policy, however, this form also protects against risks concerning premises and operations exposures.

There are “covered autos” and “non covered autos” in Oregon.  Covered Autos- when the insurance company agrees to pay if the bodily or physical damage results from any garage operation, other than ownership, maintenance, or use of covered autos.  A good example is a car was serviced incorrectly, and the mistake caused further damage to the vehicle- the garage’s fault. This would likely fall under Completed Operations hazards and would be covered by this policy.

A Covered Auto in Oregon is when the insurance company will again, pay for any bodily/physical injury as a result of an accident caused by garage operations that involve ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered auto.

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What does Oregon Garagekeepers Insurance Cover?

Under Garagekeepers coverage (known as Symbol 30) the insurance company will pay for damages due to loss to a covered auto or auto equipment left in the insured’s care for service, repair, parking, or storage. This additional insurance may be purchased for legal or primary coverage purposes. Under this type of insurance, the Auto Dealer also has the option of purchasing Comprehensive/Specified Causes of Loss or Collision coverage.

Garagekeepers Legal Liability will  cover in excess of the car owner’s insurance, only if the garage owner is at fault.

Garagekeepers Primary Liability will pay regardless to fault and shares responsibility with the car owner’s insurance. This is the broadest form of coverage.

What does Physical Damage portion of this insurance cover?

Physical Damage coverage (Symbol 31) This covers any physical damage to any type of auto held for sale, including trailers. Autos owned by auto dealers, non-dealers, and trailer dealers.  This is a Comprehensive or Specified Cause of Loss and Collision form.

As an auto dealer, you have some obvious risks since the value of your business sits vulnerably on display in showrooms and on open lots each day and night.

Does your auto dealers insurance policy also cover the liability inherent in business transactions?

What does a comprehensive auto dealer insurance policy in Oregon insure?

  • Theft and Damage- Vehicles stored in open lots are particularly susceptible to damage by hail, wind, flood, vandalism, and theft
  • Consumer Complaint
  • Errors and Omissions: Odometer, Truth in Lending, and Title Prep
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation – Employees in the service dept. sustaining injuries
  • Business Personal Property
  • Hired and Nonownership Auto, Automobile exposure -This is particularly important because customers, as well as the staff, drive the vehicles on the lot.
  • Garagekeepers exposure- damage that can occur to customers’ vehicles left with the dealership for servicing
  • Valuable Papers and Records, employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration, theft of money and securities, computer fraud, money orders and counterfeit paper currency.
  • Business Income
  • Environmental Impairment exposures can be significant due to the presence of underground fuel tanks and the disposal of used oils, solvents and other hazardous wastes from repair operations
  • Inland marine exposures-Goods in transit
  • Earthquake, Flood, Cyberliability, Employment-related Practices, Stop Gap Liability- other coverages to possibly consider for your Auto Dealership in Oregon.

Worried about costs? Don’t be. Auto Dealers Insurance in Oregon is some of the most affordable protection available.

Oregon Auto Dealer Insurance is available to owners of new and used car sales dealerships. It is an affordable method of eliminating the risks associated with holding an expensive inventory of garaged and open lot vehicles.

Here are two reasons to get started right now!

  1. With today’s lower inventory levels you can probably save money by adjusting the coverage you need.
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