Ranch Insurance

Ranch Insurance In Oregon

Some ranchers are all too familiar with disaster. These people have a firm understanding of just how important it is to carry dependable livestock and Ranch Insurance through an agency that you can trust.

Recently, the farming industry was gripped by an unusual crime spree after cows were stolen on two separate occasions. For one rancher, each of her cows holds a piece of her heart. Therefore, it was hard having to pen the animals up as opposed to allowing them to roam the land freely as usual.

The first missing cow did not come to the morning feeding and was not recovered after a search was conducted at the two hundred acre ranch. Two days later, another cow was gone. The reality began to sink in that these beloved creatures had been stolen. Both were large breed cattle, which means that each was worth thousands of dollars.

In another area just a few years ago, a ranch house, a barn and several other structures that had been passed down through a family since the 1920s burned to the ground following a wildfire. Over two thousand acres were consumed by the blaze. The cost of the damage was estimated to be near $2 million.

Fortunately, in both cases the ranchers were properly insured with quality ranch and Livestock Insurance. This means that the financial losses were covered by their policies, offering a possibility for buildings to be rebuilt and more livestock to be purchases to replace what was lost in these events. While the destruction and devastation shall not be understated, due to the coverage of adequate Cattle Insurance life and livelihood continues for these ranchers.


The Importance Of Proper Ranch Insurance

Ranchers raise, breed and grow cattle for a living. In addition, they usually farm their land for pasture and even grow their own feed. On these ranches, horses and livestock are almost always used in the operations. Cattle is transported on a regular basis between pastures as well as to and from cattle sales.

Like other farming operations, ranchers are at risk for liability when transporting livestock and leasing pasture ground. They are also at risk for loss due to livestock mortality.

Livestock Insurance is similar to Farm Insurance, but also provides protection that will cover additional claims, such as animal transportation and mortality. Your policy will also provide coverage for your home and the belongings within, in addition to ranch operations equipment, separate structures and more. You will also be protected against liability risks that you face in the ranching industry.

When you own a ranch, your livestock is your primary asset. This is especially true if you run a breeding operation. Therefore, it is wise to make certain that this investment is protected so that you do not run the risk of suffering major financial loss when tragedy strikes without warning.

Cattle Insurance will protect the livestock that help you make your living. Your policy will cover you against the accidental death of your animals due to a weather event or during transportation. A specialized policy may be required to cover your livestock against disease and sickness, so be sure to check with your insurance agent when purchasing your policy.

There is no greater risk to the future of a ranch than a liability lawsuit. For this reason, it is important to carry quality coverage that includes the proper levels of liability protection. Generally, your policy will cover bodily injury to anyone injured on your property that is not an employee of your ranch, including legal claims and medical payments. You will also have protection against non-owned property damage that is caused by the operations of your ranch. You may also want to include additional liability coverage, such as fishing and hunting liability as well as leased or rented land liability insurance.

At Ferranti-Graybeal Insurance Agency, Inc., we have long provided support to the farming community. For more than forty years, we have taken strides to learn as much as possible about the industry and its insurance needs. Based in the heart of farm country, we have agents that actually ride horses, as well as gather and brand cattle with family members who work in the industry.

Your plot of land and the daily operation that take place there provide you with a livelihood that you want to be able to pass down to your children, grandchildren and future generations. In order to make certain you will have a legacy as a rancher to pass along, it is important to ensure that your future is protected with the right ranch and Livestock Insurance. A quality insurance policy from Ferranti-Graybeal Insurance Agency, Inc. is a wise investment that will keep your cattle ranch operations going for many more years to come, regardless of the risks that you face each day.