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Oregon Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed specifically to aid employees with recovery from the injuries that they sustain while on the job. Workers Comp is no-fault insurance that provides medical benefits and monetary compensation to employees or in some cases the survivor(s) of an employee for work related diseases, injuries, or death.

The state of Oregon has specific laws that pertain to Workers Compensation Insurance programs. The OR Workers Comp Law (WCL) is the procedure used to properly handle a claim.

Is my business in Oregon subject to Workers Comp Law?

Any employer that has one or more persons providing service for pay is considered a “covered employee”. Therefore, every employer in Oregon who has one or more covered employees is subject to WCL.

There are some situations where workers are excluded by definition, but, most businesses who secure the right to direct and control services or another person (for pay) must comply with OR WCL.


What are Oregon’s Workers Comp Insurance Coverage and Requirements?

Most employees choose to purchase workers comp insurance from an insurance company/carrier that writes WC for Oregon businesses. Another way is to self-insure. One of the these two options is required in the state of Oregon.

Once insurance is obtained, the insurance company is now responsible for the WCL liabilities and a lot of the claim processing duties. The Oregon Division of Insurance requires the insurance company to file proof of coverage within three days of the policy’s effective or renewal date. If either the employer or insurance company cancels within the term with a thirty day notice the carrier must notify the Division of this within ten days of date of cancellation.

What are Oregon’s Reporting Requirements for Injury?

The 801 form must be available at the work site and provided to any employee that requests it. 801 form is the report form to fill out a report of job related injury or illness. It is also the responsibility of the employee to hand out an 801 to anyone that may be involved and that may have an injury.

An employee has up to 90 days after an accident to fill this form out and give to his/her employer. Once the employee returns form to their employer, the employer has five days to finish it and file with the insurance company.

The actual formal claim for WC benefits begins when the medical provider or employee fill out form 827, which is “Workers Health Care Provider’s Report” for WC claims and then submits it to the insurance company.

What are Oregon’s rules and regulations around determining compensation?

Once the 827 form is submitted, within 60 days the insurance company will provide a copy to the employer. This is when an employer accepts or denies a claim. If the claim is accepted, but later it’s discovered that claim was not commensurable, the employer then may deny claim as long as they provide written notice and it is within 2 years of their initial acceptance. If there was any employee fraud or illegal activity, there is no time limit on revoking acceptance of a claim.

How does Oregon law stipulate disability payments?

The employer has 60 days to accept or deny a claim. However, if by day 14, they haven’t accepted or denied the claim and the 827 form was returned from medical provider stating disability is warranted, the employer then must begin those payments. The payments must continue every 2 weeks until either the employee is released to go back to work or the claim is denied.

What is Oregon’s law regarding medical expenses?

If the employer has accepted the claim or the Oregon Insurance Division has ordered the employer to pay, then the employee will receive compensation for covered medical expenses. If the claim is denied by the employer, they must send notice asap or within 14 days after receiving the medical bill.

If the claim is accepted or employer is ordered to pay, the medical expense must be paid within 60 days after the date the Division’s order became final or the employer sent notice of acceptance to the employee and OR Division of Insurance.

What is the Right Workers Comp Insurance for you?

It does not matter if you have three employees or three thousand employees, your daily business processes can be interrupted by a single injury. When you become the owner of your own business, one of your primary concerns is to make certain that your employees have as much protection as possible from on-the-job injuries. It is also your responsibility to meet the requirements in Oregon. Having the right workers comp policy in place allows you to rest assured that when the inevitable happens, you will be able to continue running your business as usual.

Workers Compensation was developed about a century ago to protect members of the workforce from expensive medical bills that stem from illness or injury due to the work that they do. In addition, the company will also be protected from legal action. If one of your employees is hurt while on the job, your insurance will pay the medical costs that arise.

As with any other type of Business insurance, insurance rates will depend on the unique characteristics of your company. However, typically a small business that only has a few employees will pay just a few thousand dollars per year. For a company that has twenty or so employees the cost will rise closer to a five-digit figure. The state of Oregon has specific classification systems and rate structures that determine the cost of insurance.

Some other factors are also taken into account in order to determine the cost of Workman’s Comp rates, such as the amount that the employee is paid for doing their job as well as any occupational hazards that may be present. If the job is especially dangerous, then the cost of the insurance policy is usually going to be higher.

There may be some discounts available for companies that have a specific program for workplace safety, provide a drug free work environment and pay a higher deductible on their policy.

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