Interested in Selling Your Agency?

Ready to Retire or pursue other dreams?

  1. Want to make sure your staff and customers are treated like Family?
  2. Located in the Pacific Northwest?

If you answered YES to the questions above, then you have come to the right place.  Having successfully handled the acquisitions of multiple smaller agencies, we are ready to expand and assist you with the sale of your agency.  I know that your agency is your pride and joy. You’ve worked hard to develop your relationships and agency to the point it is today.  Our small town roots are based on relationships with our staff and customers and we promise to continue that in the future.  I look forward to working with you!

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Jason R. Graybeal, President

WATCH OUT for the high prices being offered by some of the larger national agencies.  Below is a great article reflecting the negative effects on your agency necessary with these high priced buyouts.  We are interested in keeping your staff employed, happy and eager to grow with my company!

Agency Prices Are Awfully High

“Furthermore, with prices that high, expenses always have to be cut. Quite often, that means valuable people are cut, little investment is made relative to new sales and working conditions are unpleasant. What is the price for this scenario?

  • When you decide to sell your agency, we understand that it can be emotional, with a lot of other “things” that go along with it- be it retirement, a new career, a big move, etc. Working with Ferranti-Graybeal will be an exceptional experience, as we have the knowledge and awareness to help facilitate every “t” that needs crossed!


 A little about us….our history and our beginnings…our philosophies…our staff…..our atmosphere

Jason Graybeal is the current owner/principal agent of Ferranti-Graybeal Insurance. He started by working in his grandfather’s agency when he was younger and when the opportunity presented itself to gain ownership of a struggling insurance agency, he jumped right in. After growing that agency 3-fold, he sold that agency to fund the start-up of Graybeal Insurance, an Independent Insurance agency. In 2010 Jason was able to acquire Ferranti-Leavitt Insurance in nearby Hermiston, and Ferranti-Graybeal was born.

We now have three different locations currently and service Oregon and Washington. We have staff members in Pendleton, Hermiston, La Grande, and Bend, Oregon. Our staff is well versed in sales, customer service, and of course insurance!

The atmosphere is casual professional. There is a time and place for work vs. fun. Our staff knows the difference, respects that and abides by the professional standards that management has set for them.

We have a broad scale of niches we cover, including farm and non-profit.  The team is dedicated to Jason, the company, and expanding our growth to more of the West Coast. All of us want to be a part of that!

Our marketing department handles our digital presence including: SEO, social media, content creation, blogging, youtube videos, website creation and maintenance, and PR duties. All of these items are important for organic growth, something we are also focused on as a company. Organic growth is important to our staff- phones ringing, leads coming in the door- virtually and physically! It’s our marketing department’s job to make that happen on a consistent and regular basis.

We believe in the importance of a relationship with our clients. Ferranti-Graybeal also uses a communication platform system in addition to our AMS (which is Hawksoft), to keep in touch with our clients during critical times of our relationship with them. For example, we send out a welcome kit which is a series of 4 emails, giving them important contact information, making them aware of other products we have, what to expect from us, and how to handle a claim if they suffer one. Also, the system can round out our book of business, touch clients prior to renewal, follow up with lost prospects, reach out when a claim is filed, follow up with lost customers, send out monthly e-newsletters, and much much more! Our customers feel our love all the time!

Our Management Team and Jason always strive to run our agency in a way to maximize value. This concept is a fundamental part of the business growth planning process.

Let’s work together to make your dream come true! Give Jason a call: 541.567.5523