Waterfront Property Coverage

Don’t expose your precious waterfront property to more than just the elements. Make sure that your waterfront property insurance shelters you from the financial costs of hazards unique to homes on lakes and rivers.

You need proper  insurance that can handle the variety of natural disasters unique to the waterfront. Rising water, potential flooding, and other natural occurrences that threaten your waterfront home and property.

Are you worried about the cost?  Don’t be: it’s probably less than you think and will literally be a home-saver when disaster strikes.

Oregon Waterfront Property Insurance is available to anyone who needs to insure a home located on or near the water. Typically these policies are specifically designed for your state, location and needs.

Two reasons to act right now:

  1. First, recent law changes mean that you need to make sure your policy has all the latest updates.
  2. Second, just fill out this short form and we’ll get you a custom quote for waterfront property insurance that will insure your house will survive a disaster.